Rewind, Repair and Sales

Motor Mart Electric Motors offers repair, rewind and sales of electric motors and parts. Since, 1985 we have been offering service for most of your electric motor needs. We currently stock 3,000 motors for many applications:

•-Residential: Bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans, heating, air conditioning, hot water circulators, spa/pool pumps, irrigation and DIY equipment
•-Commercial: exhaust, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, hot water circulators
•-Industrial: pumps and motors, gearboxes, and variable frequency drives
•-Agricultural: centrifugal pump motors stocked up to 75 hp, vertical hollow shaft rewind and repair. Farm duty motors. variable frequency drives.
•-Rewinding: Fractionals up to ~400 hp

150 Marr Street

Wenatchee, Washington 98801




or email:    [email protected]

8 to 5 Monday- Friday      9 to 12 Saturday



Available 24/7 for after hours emergencies.